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A glimpse into the life of an artist + designer creating from her backyard art studio. Rachel shares behind the scenes pics, instructional insight and doses of inspiration to make your heart beat a little faster. 

Framed Plexiglass Art Print Installation


GICLEE PRINT // What's the biggest giclee print I've ever produced? This one. Apparently the printer has a size limit -- and this was it. It's 44x56" and it's all-encompassing.

FRAMING // After ordering this massive print, my client and I brainstormed as to how we were going to frame this piece. I wanted the focus to remain on the scale so I suggested this framed plexiglass treatment. It makes the print appear as if it's floating, allowing the scale and colors to shine. It doesn't compete like a traditional wood frame might.

Yes, it took a moving truck.

INSTALLATION // Yes, it took a moving truck to haul this piece. Huge thank you to Kyle of Moving Americahttp://movingamerica.co/ Tearing back that blue protective covering for the final reveal was so exciting.

FINISHING TOUCHES // Framed plexiglass art print installation complete! I'm definitely going to use this framing method in the future for a clean, simplistic approach.