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Featured as the November she shed.

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Facebook Mural for Community Boost

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Mural for Facebook Event

Local artist, Rachel Roe, was chosen to concept, create and execute a 10x24' mural for an event hosted by Facebook in downtown St. Louis. 

Facebook Community Boost

St. Louis At Home Magazine

See Inside Designer Rachel Roe's She-Shed

This backyard work space boasts reclaimed materials, a loft, and lots of inspirational details.

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Arts Speak

Rachel Roe sees the world as a work of art. The full-time freelance artist, designer and illustrator moved to St. Louis after earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Missouri, where she began to grasp how fulfilling art was for her. After Roe started her career as a designer at an advertising agency, her husband, Ryan, encouraged her to return to the colorful paintings depicting her unique view of the natural world that she loved to create in college, and he even built her a creative space – a charming backyard art studio. Roe recently unveiled her studio and some her latest artwork to LN.

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Rachel Roe Art was featured in Uppercase Magazine, a magazine for the creative and the curious. It is a quarterly magazine featuring art, craft, fashion, illustration and design.